Final project report evaluation and submission guidelines

Final project report evaluation and submission guidelines


Final project report evaluation and submission guidelines

Final project template weighting and grade breakdown

The final project submission is worth 90% of the total points for the module and must be passed independently. Your work will be assessed independently by two reviewers. Everyone rates her out of 100. The grades given by the two examiners are averaged and must be passed (40% achieved). Your grade will be calculated by taking this average grade of 90 points and adding to it the grade you received in your midterm paper (10%). This value must also reach a passing score. The quality and quantity of the work done (analysis, design, coding, testing, research, evaluation, etc.) will be judged primarily by the content of the project report and supported by what is confirmed in presentations and demonstrations. It depends on the material included in the appendices of the report. Your communication skills (grammar, structure, layout of your report, etc., and how you explain your work in presentations and demonstrations) will be considered as part of the assessment exercise.

Important dates and times

All you need is an electronic copy of your report.
The final report (including appendices + electronic support materials, code, and multimedia artifacts) must be submitted by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 via the appropriate task location on CANVAS. Note: Electronic submissions of final reports must be in PDF format.

You must also present/demonstrate your project work to your supervisor and sub-supervisor and answer any questions regarding your work. Details on how this will be achieved have not yet been determined and will be published separately in the first week of April.

Some students may take an oral exam at a later date. The final date will be published as soon as possible. You need to make sure you can accommodate this. The oral presentation schedule will be announced by the end of the previous week.

Please note: The examination committee may treat your failure to participate in the oral examination as if you had not submitted the project at all.

If submission is late

Late submissions will result in a standard penalty equivalent to the standard penalty for simple passing. If you submit more than one week late, you will receive zero final submissions. If you would like to claim that there are extenuating circumstances for your late submission, failure to certify your submission, or failure to attend the Oral Board Examination, please complete the Significant Adverse Circumstances form at Must be filled out. UK, or you can make a request to your module leader via a short-term extension form and send the module back to her leader for approval along with evidence of the situation. This should be done as soon as possible and in any case before the meeting of the audit committee to consider the matter. Important dates and times

Even if extenuating circumstances are accepted, we will not be able to evaluate your project according to the schedule set forth herein unless we receive the report in a timely manner. If your submission is late, a demonstration or oral presentation may occur at the same time as your proposed project. final report
Submit two electronic copies of the final report, including task item appendices.

  • Final report – copy from supervisor.
  • Final report – second marked copy.

Program source code and executable files, as well as other supporting materials, can also be submitted via CANVAS via assignment points.

This ensures the independence of the markers, as each copy of the two markers is visible. The final report must be in unzipped PDF format. Additional files can be in any format.

Report presentation

Certain requirements apply to the format of the report. these are:

  • Text must be a uniform size (11 point or 12 point) in Times or Times New Roman font, or a similar font, except for mathematical expressions and program code examples, where the most suitable font can be used. . you must use them). non-proportional fonts such as Courier).
  • Each page after the table of contents page, including appendices, is numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals starting from 1. The only exceptions are separate documents (such as instruction manuals) and program lists. Each separate document or program listing must form a separate appendix and may be numbered uniquely.
  • Don’t underestimate the time it takes to create a report. Structure and content must be determined by you and discussed with your instructor. Once you have decided on your structure, you will have the opportunity to present your draft chapter to your instructor and receive feedback.
    You will be required to complete, review, revise, and submit reports as explained independently from your supervisor.

Report structure

The final project report should have the following structure:
title page
Acknowledgments (if any)
Contents page
Literature review and research (can be included in the main chapter)
main chapter
Discussion and evaluation


As a guide, the length of the introduction, main chapter, discussion, and evaluation should be approximately 8,000 to 10,000 words. This is not a character limit, just a guideline for the amount of work you can expect.
References and appendices are not included for this purpose.

Title page and summary

A title page must be provided and must include all details included in the sample title page [available for download from CANVAS].

If submission is late

The executive summary should be a statement of up to half a page that describes the subject matter of the project report and the main findings and conclusions presented in the report. This is more than just an introduction; readers should be able to understand the main points of the report just by reading the summary.

The table of contents should include each chapter of the report, each title, and the page number on which each chapter begins. If your chapter is divided into sections, each with a title, display those sections on the table of contents page as well. Your table of contents should fit on one or two pages at most, so don’t go into more detail than the sections.


This chapter aims to introduce the project

Describe the content, provide a brief background information (enough to set the scene), and state the goals of the project. These must match what is stated in the DPP. Any changes to the objectives should be explained later in the report, perhaps in the overall evaluation of the work.

The report will also be introduced in this chapter.

Include the contents of each chapter (and the main appendices) and give a very brief explanation of how the report is structured so that the reader understands how you will present your research.

Literature review and research

This chapter describes the tasks performed to identify the current body of knowledge relevant to project implementation. This chapter should be structured to reflect the tasks to be performed and provide the reader with a guide to the subject area in which the project will be performed. A literature review should be balanced and include sufficient information and sources to demonstrate that the subject area has been adequately researched, but the clarity of the ideas applied to the research should be ensured within the report. The written content must also be carefully selected to ensure that it is maintained. This chapter serves as a starting point for many of the major chapters, and there may be important cross-references to this chapter within the major chapters.

Although much of the literature review may reflect work performed in the project planning module, it is expected that this will change based on changes to the project plan during implementation.

Main chapter

How you present these will vary greatly depending on the theme of your project. However, here is some advice:

  • You can assume that your readership has the same level of knowledge as a good computer science student who has taken the same module as you. When writing about technical background information, keep this in mind and avoid presenting too much information that these readers already know or can read in standard textbooks. Just refer to the textbook in the bibliography, but make sure the information you present is specific to your study. Describe how the background material you presented was used in your project.
  • Describe your achievements in key chapters of the report. We recommend organizing your chapters by topic, rather than simply listing your completed tasks in the order they were completed.

These chapters tell you what you did, why you did it, what results you achieved, what you think you accomplished (including any problems you overcame), and how your work was implemented. how to evaluate what has been done (standards applied, tests); etc.). Make sure to properly present the results of your project work, especially if the main task of the project is software development. • It is important to present information about the development work, not just the finished product. For example, depending on the nature of your project and how you approach your work, you may:

  • Discussion of database analysis and design decisions, system structure or program design issues.
  • Comment on uncertainties in the project specifications or requirements and how they were resolved.
  • A discussion of the design decisions considered and why one method was chosen over another.
  • Use of software tools (what inputs were provided, how were they configured, and what outputs were produced).
  • Presentation and discussion of interim results. For example, programs that are continually improved or expanded.
  • Consider HCI issues and their impact on your design.
  • Strategies for testing software. This may include user reviews of the software. In that case, you will need to report the results.

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