Factors Attesting To Online Publishing And Entertainment Industries, Social Networks, Auctions, Port

Factors Attesting To Online Publishing And Entertainment Industries, Social Networks, Auctions, Port


Mobile application

Describe the key factors that differentiate the online publishing industry from the entertainment industry

Learn about the different types of social networks, auctions, and portals.

Discuss the history, benefits, and challenges of B2B e-commerce.

Design and apply new business models, services, operations, and processes for e-commerce.

In the recent era of technology, innovations and technologies are emerging and growing rapidly. Provide organizations with greater opportunities to improve their business (MogoŸ, 2015). The purpose of this report is to discuss various factors related to setting up the HealthBetter e-commerce platform. HealthBetter is a social service that aims to help individuals track their calories, suggest appropriate foods, provide exercise tips, and help improve their health. This report discusses related technical threats and opportunities. We also discuss the social media platforms available to promote HealthBetter’s goals and discuss the B2B model.

Below is a list of three technological changes that will significantly impact healthcare e-commerce businesses.

Mobile apps give you the opportunity to get in touch with your customers anytime, anywhere. This transcends fixed company service boundaries and enables efficient customer service (Laudon & Traver 2016). When discussing the nature of HealthBetter’s services, this technological change serves as an opportunity and helps us better communicate our goals.

With the rise of social media trends, businesses have the opportunity to connect with their customers (Iankova, et al., 2019). Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made it easy to strengthen customer loyalty. HealthBetter can enhance your social media presence and publish the health-related information you need to attract and retain customers. This technological change can represent a huge opportunity for businesses if handled correctly. HealthBetter may collect customer information to provide better service. Additionally, they can collect customer feedback and identify and address customer pain points (Castro-Schez et al., 2011). However, after collecting feedback, inefficient responses, service delivery, or failure to provide customized services can pose a threat and harm your business.

Social networks help you learn more about your customers, their preferences, and their lifestyles. In this way, instant feedback can be collected, allowing startups to better understand what is going wrong within the company (Ashley & Tuten, 2015). The main benefits of social media for businesses are increased web traffic and search rankings, which improves their social media presence.

Social media and mobile phones

Online auctions now provide another platform for startups to expand their business. Helps participants sell products and services using the Internet. In this way, sellers can increase the visibility of their companies and products and create competition in the market (Papaioannou et al., 2013). Other benefits include accelerated sales, increased potential customer awareness, and more.

Portals are referred to as online platforms that help start-ups to transact and interact with customers and suppliers faster. Integrated e-commerce portal solutions make it easy for businesses to use stores (Castro-Schez et al., 2011). Portals not only provide a more robust and reliable ordering process, but also help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Although the company needs to regularly communicate and negotiate with suppliers, it will provide the best solution. However, if we analyze the nature of the business of HealthBetter, the selected startup, we can say that social media platforms are utilized more. Social media has proven to be the most rapidly changing area of ​​marketing. Social media’s ability to share content and communicate in real-time has provided companies with a huge opportunity to improve their business. Below are some benefits discussed startups can achieve by incorporating social media into their business

Real-time advertising and customer feedback

Share health-related information, new treatments, medical facilities, and proper diet in real time.

You can easily share the link and navigate to the landing page, increasing traffic in the context of the landing page.

Build a strong and sustainable market presence. Business-to-Business (B2B) is an e-commerce business model that describes transactions between businesses. This e-commerce business covers a wide range of applications that are responsible for building relationships between companies and resellers, distributors, and suppliers (Janita & Miranda 2013). Websites that follow the B2B model typically sell products to intermediate buyers, who then sell the products or services to end customers. It deals with the transaction of services and products between different companies over the Internet. Unlike other business models where orders are processed manually, in this process orders are processed through a digital platform (Iankova et al., 2019). Below is a list of benefits that companies can achieve by using a B2B business model.

Unlike other models, the B2B e-commerce model has higher market stability. By analyzing and adapting to various complex market situations, we create more business opportunities and strengthen the company’s online presence.


In other words, technology and innovative business models are playing a greater role in improving business capabilities. This report discussed technology opportunities and threats for better health. After analyzing various platforms, social media platforms have proven to be effective for this business. Here, we have also briefly discussed the business model of B2B e-commerce and its connection to the business, as well as the profits generated through this connection.


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