Template for Planning an Evaluation Essay: Image Identification and Justification

Template for Planning an Evaluation Essay: Image Identification and Justification



Evaluation Essay Planning Template: Identifying and Justifying Images In this section, you will identify one image of him that you have selected for evaluation in your evaluation essay, why you chose the leader, and why it is important to evaluate the image as a leader. explain.

Purpose/Paper Use this section to describe your overall purpose for writing about this image. what are you trying to prove? [Write your answer here in at least one paragraph. ] Scoring Criteria Describe two or three scoring criteria, use specific details for each criterion, and provide two specific supporting elements for each criterion.

Rhetorical Appeal/Persuasion Note that at least one of the logo images, the pathos image, and the ethos image are used in this section. Next, make note of at least one way to use the logo, pathos, or ethos to address the reader in your writing. Here’s an example of how to do it: Assessment Essay Planning Template with Sample Answers

Part 1:

Image identification and justification In this section, identify one image of him that you have selected for evaluation in your evaluation essay (e.g. magazine cover and advertisement, new or vintage, public service announcement, iconic image) and why explain. Choose your readers and why they think rating your images is important to them. [Insert your answer here in 1-2 paragraphs. ]

To paste the image here into a Word document, navigate to the image, right-click to copy, return to the Word document, and right-click to paste. For example: Initially using ads for luxury items such as cars and expensive alcohol, Matthew wanted to include potential celebrities like McConaughey.

After researching some of them, I was able to write some criteria and messages, but I thought I’d try another angle to give myself a choice. Another step I took was to look for public service announcements on social issues, health issues, human rights issues, and/or safety measures.

The latter approach was more fruitful and made me even more excited. After reviewing a series of PSA posters addressing issues as diverse as smoking, bike safety, transgender awareness, and military issues, I settled on the public image of the Orthopedic Trauma Association warning of the dangers of opioid addiction. I was.

Evaluation criteria
This image has struck a chord with me because it captures the viewer’s attention and conveys a sense of addiction in a unique way through composition, color and symbolism.

Part II:

Purpose/Thesis Use this section to describe your general purpose for writing about this photo, focusing only on its content (see Week 7, Lesson 1). Note: These are not intended to highlight or discuss larger issues (e.g. social issues), but rather what is shown in the image and how those elements affect the viewer. is to explain [Write your answer here in at least one paragraph. ]

Example: My main purpose in writing this image is to illustrate how colors, shapes, images, composition, and words combine to create a powerful message. We see a lot of public service images about drug abuse and addiction of all kinds, especially prescription drugs, but the fact that the creators of this particular image did a good job of assessing their audience and their message was very powerful. I would like to show A visual image of him influencing children, adolescents, adults with prescription drug problems, or families and loved ones in such situations. Part III:

Scoring Criteria Describe 2-3 scoring criteria (e.g., Message Clarity, Message Power, Audience Engagement, Timeliness – see Week 7, Lesson 1) and for each of those criteria: The following two specific elements are explained with specific details. Support for each criterion (see week 7, lesson 1). [Write your answer here in at least 2-3 paragraphs. ]

Example: The first criterion I use to judge my image is the power of the message. Specific elements of the image are examined to describe how each contributes (or does not contribute) to the image’s goal of raising awareness about opioid abuse.

Two of his specific supporting details that I use include an image of a person trapped inside a pill bottle. It’s the strength of the hand compared to the rest of the human shadow and the way the image of the person completely fills the inside of the pill bottle. Not only is she trapped, she’s almost crushed inside the bottle, so there’s no more space inside.

The second criteria to apply are recency and context. How does this particular ad fit into his decades-long campaign to end opioid abuse?This image is very recent, made in 2018 of his. Details that indicate whether an image meets or fails this criterion could therefore include the anonymous appearance of the person in the bottle.

Rhetorical Appeal/Conviction
Advertising has traditionally focused on specific segments of society, primarily adolescents and young adults, who illegally sell, buy and abuse opioids. Since then, recognition has expanded. All types of people are dependent on prescription drugs. It is not just a criminal element, but an ambiguous human image, expressing a kind of “everyone” who is prone to addiction.

From androgynous faces and bodies to pillbox anonymity, here are the revealing details. There is no writing on the bottle, so there is no label or identifying information, so it could be your grandma’s pain reliever, your sister’s anti-anxiety medication, or a drug taken illegally. Finally, consider message clarity as a third criterion.

In particular, I would like to pay attention to how clearly despair, imprisonment, hopelessness, hopelessness are conveyed. For example, the downward position of a human face looks beaten, and the vivid shadow of a human hand pressing against a pill bottle is large and in the foreground.

This conveys the feeling that no matter how big and strong your hands are, it’s not enough because the struggle, the fatigue of the struggle, and the opioids are more powerful. So he has two clear messages. Either avoid addiction at all costs, or if you are addicted, you need outside help. Another detail is the dominant background color, a shade of blue. These are very symbolic of grief in general but have been increasingly adopted in recent decades to represent depression.

Part IV:

Rhetorical Appeal/Persuasion Note that at least one of the logo image, the pathos image, and the ethos image is used in this section. Then make a note of at least one way to use the logo, pathos, and ethos to address the reader in your writing (see week 7, lesson 1). [Insert your answer here in 1-2 paragraphs. ]

Example: In the image I chose, pathos is the most obvious and powerful rhetorical appeal, as clearly distressed and trapped humans are used in a blue field. The human figure seems so hopeless and hopeless that the viewer’s mind is immediately drawn in. Viewers will instantly develop sympathy not only for the anonymous characters, but also for people who are actually opioid addicts. You probably know at least one person who has been involved with addiction, but this image, like the image of addiction in general, pushes the boundaries.

The ad is about painkillers specifically, but this person tells us what addiction is like in general. Logos exists because the ad challenges the common misconception among addicts that “you can quit if you want, you don’t need help.”

This is a good example of how addiction is really a cage, a cell, from which the addict cannot get out alone. Moreover, its spirit is the public medical association that created the image of public service, and the small statistic written under that image: the number of addicts and the efforts of doctors to minimize the number of prescriptions. exists through facts about

As for my own approach to logos, ethos, and pathos, I won’t argue too much on this finer detail. The campaign is well known, and the images themselves convey the strongest message. Instead, it mainly uses logos or logic to deconstruct all visual elements and their meaning.

Although I use language to describe the use of pathos (suffering, defeat) in advertising that will inevitably affect the reader emotionally, my own approach is largely based on logic. .

Part V:

Please state the source. See the full source for accessing this image. Try to trace images back to their original publishers whenever possible. For example: Orthopedic Trauma Society (2018) Opioid Safety.

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