Process for quality assurance and customer satisfaction in spa management


Quality assurance

Describe why quality assurance procedures are needed (benefits)

Discuss complaints processes (i.e. why they are useful), then design a flowchart for your workplace or modify an existing process.

Evaluate your results from the customer satisfaction survey, use charts/graphs to demonstrate your results and highlight specific areas where improvement may be needed.

Explain why it is important to continually develop, improve, and monitor customer care quality management and the essentials for doing so. Presentation and layout of assignments.


Spa management is one of the most modern business hobbies of many entrepreneurs. Like other business organizations, the management of different spas aims to retain and delight customers after each visit, while building a solid base can help them acquire new customers. loyal (Albayrak Caber and Öz 2017). The level of customer satisfaction ensures the success of the organization in the business market. Business satisfaction and customer loyalty are also important to maintain a steady customer base. Spa is a business that is completely based on serving clients and customers in the most appropriate way. The better the company’s services, the higher its attractiveness (Denizci Guillet and Kucukusta 2016). As a customer-oriented business, spa management must ensure that there is the best possible strategy to help attract customers.

A smart and appropriate strategy can help provide better service, which can help leave an impression in the customer’s mind. Customer service in the skincare industry begins with meeting the basic needs of customers who walk through the spa door and continues beyond the mission. According to Fraioli et al. (2018) Excellent service to customers is based on sincerely observing customers and their needs, and then solving them with the best possible solution to satisfy customers. A customer-oriented spa consists of people with experience in running a business, who have in-depth knowledge of spa management and know exactly how to bridge the gap between the customer and the business (Kamià …„ski Olczak and Praņsat 2017 ). Modern spas, which are often large and have a larger scope of business, organize and structure customer service based on a number of factors. However, the absence of such a service can be a direct failure for the organization. The report here conducted a detailed analysis of modern customer satisfaction in spas and addressed the areas where these organizations fall short. Presenting a customer survey based on 30 spa customers made the report more informative and authentic.

Quality assurance requirements

Quality assurance means developing different types of operational controls that help ensure consistent results according to customer needs. Quality is one of the most important elements of modern business. Ensuring high quality is crucial to business success in the most appropriate way. High quality business can help grow a business and make the most of available resources. Quality assurance is accomplished by defining various quality standards (Robinson 2017). Customer service helps with different types of problems. Tasks are done efficiently with reliable knowledge promotion and guaranteed results. Customers have expectations of different types of capacity-based delivery for their services. This can help organizations retain customers (Robinson 2017). Therefore, providing the best services in a competent manner is essential for the growth of businesses. Quality assurance also refers to solving all customer problems. A suitable and workable solution must be presented to the customer for their satisfaction and success.

The importance of quality assurance cannot be denied in today’s business world. Since spas are a customer-oriented industry, they must have a detailed quality assurance plan and a plan to satisfy customers and ensure that they are always very satisfied (Sandria and Ibrahim 2017). There are different types of requirements that help spa managers ensure the quality of their products and services. Some of the main requirements of a hot tub are as follows;

Step 1 is to define a spa goal that definitely meets the customer’s skin care needs. Management’s mission is to push its limits to deliver the best value to customers. In addition, it is important for spas to employ experienced staff who are experts in managing spa operations.

Step 2 is to identify the key success factors of the spa that help introduce high-quality products that add value to the client’s skin care services.

Step 3 identify customers inside and outside the spa, and identify loyal customers

Procedure for discussing complaints

Step 4 is probably the most important step for spa management as it allows to collect all data regarding the response from the company. A great feedback process can help management address key customer-identified issues.

Stage 5 is the presence of a continuous improvement process

A survey was conducted to collect key information regarding the problems that plague spas. The main problems often identified in the survey were the lack of any form of proper maintenance in spas, starting with the absence of reception at the spa doors. Customer efficiency is also a major concern for organizations. On the other hand, hygiene is also not taken seriously in most spas. These issues certainly play a negative role in spa management. A customer management procedure can help identify the crisis appropriately to ensure success. The customer complaint process for a spa is as follows;

Creating a Separate Complaints Unit – Creating a separate department or agency to deal with spa customer complaints can be an important step in resolving customer issues.

Train employees to show gratitude behavior – Employees should be trained to show gratitude to customers and can always respect customers under all circumstances.

Listen and listen – Listening properly or listening well should be an employee’s top job. A good audience can help solve an organization’s problems in the best possible way. Digitize the claims process – Digitizing the claims process could be a better way to gather feedback in large spas with large business operations.

Save diagrams

The customer survey is based on 10 different questions presented in the form of a questionnaire. The presentation of different types of questions addresses different issues related to the problems and challenges faced by spa management. It can be seen that the majority of customers, about 66.6%, usually come to the spa from 3 to 9 years old and most of them go to the spa quite often with the number of visits from 1 to 2 times per month. The visits themselves represent a steady stream of people to the spas. However, the assessment of the requirements of the spas showed that nearly 43.3% of the vast majority of customers were not satisfied with the services received from the spas. The various criteria presented below in the appendix clearly show that spas do not have a suitable service. Several key findings have highlighted the negatives. This includes;

Save diagrams

More than 75% of the people analyzed expressed negative feelings about being unwelcome at the spa

Effective customer care is not found in spas with 80% of people responding negatively to the question

70% of people worry about hygiene in the organization

Again, 70% of the respondents were not satisfied with the communication processes in the spa and had serious customer service satisfaction issues.

This clearly shows that there is a serious problem with the management of spas and that customers are currently unhappy with their services. Therefore, management must ensure that the process of continuous development and enhancement of the advisory and quality of the company’s organization is carried out.


The following report presents a clear and transparent picture of the entire spa management process and the various issues are unique in nature. The presentation of quality assurance perspectives and the presentation of the org chart improved the quality and scope of the project. In addition, the investigation conducted beyond all of this obtained key information. Questionnaires and survey graphs are presented below in the appendix of the exercise.

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