Providing Palliative Care with an Interdisciplinary Approach: Strategies to Support Families and Caregivers: Integrated Palliative Care for Mr. and Mrs. Jagger


Providing palliative care through a multidisciplinary approach

Effective care planning involves focusing on both the behavioral and conditional needs of patients to ensure the delivery of palliative care. For Jagger, we see key areas of focus, such as the level and quality of care patients need and the physical challenges and challenges patients and their families face. Both on a level and a psychological level.

Hagan et al. al, (2019) defined that during the palliative care process it is the responsibility of the nurse or professional involved to ensure that palliative care is delivered to the patient without burdening the patient’s family. doing. A multidisciplinary approach to care is therefore required to ensure comprehensive care for Mr. Jagger. Ansari & Rassouli (2018) found that, in the process of providing comprehensive care, the multidisciplinary care team considered key factors and disabilities, and assigned Mr. Jagger a supportive nurse. Defined as likely to promote return. Ms. Yeager is available to visit to support his wife through the caregiving process.

Additionally, Fernando & Huges (2019) found that the palliative care process ensures advanced care planning that enables multidisciplinary care teams to set the patient’s care plan and the necessary support for their families. . This is important to keep in mind, as Jagger had a history of colon cancer treatment 12 years ago. However, the most recent diagnosis shows that colon cancer has been re-diagnosed and the condition is worsening. Therefore, it is important that the professionals joining the multidisciplinary team have expertise in colorectal cancer and are able to contribute to providing high-quality, advanced care appropriate to Mr. Jagger’s current health status. Borstrom et al. al (2021) advocates that current approaches to healthcare ensure that multidisciplinary teams can match expert panels with effective industry knowledge to patient healthcare needs.


It can be concluded that the focus on an interdisciplinary approach ensures that the challenges associated with the care delivery process can be assessed and addressed with the help of experienced professionals. In the healthcare process, it is critical that professionals are able to provide the necessary support to both patients and families. Therefore, in such cases, a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to care is an important approach to consider.

Strategies to support families and caregivers

Jagger’s case illustrates the importance of ensuring that patients’ families and caregivers have access to support in providing quality palliative care. . Emotional support as well as respite care strategies can be employed to provide medical support to family caregivers. explanation

One of the key approaches or support strategies he could use in Mr. Jagger’s case is to provide respite care to the patient’s wife (Swartz & Collins, 2019). The incident has left Mr. Jagger’s wife concerned about her husband’s declining health, which has had a significant impact not only on Mr. Jagger’s health needs and workload to care for his daily routine, but also on his mental health. indicates that it is expected to give Liao et al. al, (2022) suggested that the introduction of respite care would reduce stress by allowing the wife to take a short break from work, focus on self-care, and cope with the stress and mental health impact of Mr. Jagger’s worsening condition.


Leokadi et al. al, (2018) believes that adopting a respite care approach may help Ms. Jagger rest and stay healthy. However, despite this effect, there are some important issues and challenges related to strategy that should be considered. This includes the lack of proper planning and execution of care plans. As Mrs. Jaguar is given time off from her responsibilities, Holliday et al. Al (2022) defines that during the period, to relieve stress, plans should be made to allow participation in other leisure activities that may distract from Mr. Jagger’s health. However, the lack of effective planning for such areas undermines the effectiveness of respite care for caregivers.

Bjorge et al., (2019) further defined that approaches that need to be adapted to provide Ms. Jagger as a caregiver with the support she needs include providing emotional and virtual caregiving support. I’m here. This includes hiring psychologists and caregivers to spend time with Jagger at specific times to help identify and address the emotional and physical challenges Ms. Jagger faces while caring for her patients. It may involve interacting. According to research done by Jess. other. (2019) can ensure such coverage through technological advancements or the use of digitization in the industry. Kamal et al. al (2020) suggests that providing such emotional and virtual support to caregivers reflects the need for caregivers who can influence them to deal with the challenges and problems they face. and that the challenges faced by caregivers can be identified and strategies developed accordingly (Moss, Kurzawa, Daly) & Prince Paul, 2019) .


The defined strategies can be used considering both the pros and cons of the strategies and based on the situation or individual needs you can adopt the necessary strategies to support nurses.

Integrated Palliative Care for Mr. and Mrs. Jagger

In addition, medical professionals must focus on developing key strategies and approaches that can ensure integrated palliative care practices and improve patient health.


Blanckenburg & Leppin (2018) define that when providing palliative care to patients, it is important for professionals to reliably assess the needs of the situation and take specific pathways accordingly. Furthermore, Brunelli et al. al (2021), the interdisciplinary approach to nursing reflects a focus on teamwork, utilization of skilled professionals, pain and symptom management, and a holistic approach to nursing. Steigleder, Kollmar, and Ostagathe (2019) found that an effective approach to providing palliative care in the field of care should ensure comprehensive monitoring and control of the care process and identify key gaps and problems in care plans. Defined as being able to eliminate For Jagger, how to reliably deliver palliative care includes an emphasis on a holistic approach. Sapeta et al. al (2021) further defined that there is no single approach to healthcare, nor can it be validated. Therefore, it is important that professionals adopt a situation-specific approach and practice based on the specific needs and interests of patients in the industry.

Metaxa et al (2021) found that within the framework of palliative care, collaborative care practices should be adopted to ensure that family members, including Mr. Jagger’s wife, are involved in the process, informed and educated. defined as Analyze health processes and analyze and influence approaches to improve patient health. Additionally, in Jagger’s case, the approach to integrated palliative care may emphasize advanced care planning (ACP). Khan et al., (2017) conducted an industry survey to find that advanced and integrated care planning could lead to progressive approaches to communication between professionals and patients who are family members of caregivers, or alternative medical care. We have demonstrated that caregivers can reliably adopt approaches that can enhance care planning, such as identifying planning processes and alternative medical planning processes. , and provide support to both patients and involved caregivers (Brazil, 2017).

Mr. Jaggers has been working with colorectal cancer for 12 years. Therefore, the nurse should review Mr. Jagger’s medical records for this period and identify any major problems or health problems that the patient has caused during this period and address them further. This will further promote accountability and transparency for both patients and healthcare services.


Based on such a holistic analysis, it is important to develop conceptual understanding at both the professional and patient level in order to adopt and further implement a collaborative and integrated palliative care approach. We can think about sex (Seow & Bainbridge, 2017).

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