Social determinants of single mothers’ health

Education As A Key Social Determinant

In every country on the planet, single parenthood is a common phenomenon. This means that a mother is responsible for raising one or more children without the material, financial, and emotional support of their other biological parent. Being a single parent can stem from a variety of circumstances, including divorce, widowhood, and rejection. Being a single mother entails many problems in life that affect the health and happiness of single mothers and their children. According to Garcia et al., (2021), single mothers face many challenges in transitioning to and maintaining single mother status, especially health imbalances and inequalities. as many determinants as employment/income, housing, education, discrimination. And social acceptance. These socioeconomic considerations have a significant impact on the lives of single mothers. Questions in the discussion included analysis of key social determinants and health inequalities, recommendations for public health interventions, potential stakeholders, and conclusions.

Single mothers are influenced by education level, which is an important social determinant of health. According to Hunter & Flores (2021), single mothers face educational, social and economic disadvantages, which exacerbate inequality, especially when it comes to receiving services. as basic as healthcare. High infection risk, life expectancy, and medical practice are closely related to education. Additionally, academic success is important to health as it affects choices like money and hiring. Most single mothers have low educational attainment due to lack of time to study and often lack of financial support to achieve educational goals. It is because of the duties they have to take care of their children; therefore, they do not have the necessary skills to find a job. Every parent wants their child to do well in school because excellence in career will lead to greater success in career. It is essential to support children’s academic success and be available whenever they need help.

It can be difficult for a single parent to educate their children, no matter how much they love parenting. Single-parent households have low wages and they have far fewer assets, such as tuition and special programs (Hill-Briggs et al., 2021). Their children are more likely to drop out of school. The best part is that single-parent households can discover resources to help their children succeed academically. Conversely, without a job, single mothers will not receive medical care, which will reduce life expectancy and increase disease rates. Health and education are two closely intertwined concepts. Single mothers with low levels of education often have poor lifestyle and health behaviors due to lack of knowledge. In addition, a poor lifestyle can affect the academic development of children already in single mother families due to the lack of financial stability to finance their education.

Housing is another important social determinant of the health of single mothers. Single mothers face a huge disadvantage in their society when it comes to finding and obtaining housing. This scenario stems from the poor quality of life faced by single mothers due to their low income and education level as well as their unskilled employment status. Therefore, the quality of life of single mothers is then described by housing insecurity, increased stress, mental disorders, suicidal ideation and heavy alcoholism, which are not good. for an individual’s life. This leads to lower life satisfaction and health status due to mental distress and feelings of underage in society when they are faced with low standards due to low income.

Exposure to affordable, adequate, and safe housing has a significant impact on people’s health care outcomes, as it reduces the likelihood of physical and psychological harm. People who are homeless or those who live in congested areas are the most physically and psychologically vulnerable single mothers (Owens et al., 2020). The welfare of most single mothers suffers from poor housing and lifestyle conditions. High levels of viral illness, recurrent illnesses, respiratory and intestinal disorders are just some of the major health problems faced by homeless people and those living in impoverished surroundings.

The Impact Of Housing On Single Mothers’ Health

Employment conditions are another important socioeconomic factor for the health of single mothers. According to Pitkänen et al., (2021), single mothers face significant barriers when seeking to enter the employment sector or seek employment. Most employers are reluctant to hire single parents (Baah, Teitelman, & Riegel, 2019). Other issues, including a lack of education and work experience, can limit single mothers’ employment opportunities. The survival rate of individuals is strongly influenced by their job stability. A career is important because it provides an important source of money, social connections, and health care protection (Volgsten & Schmidt, 2019). In addition, research shows that people who are unemployed or working in poor conditions have a higher risk of illness, disability, and death.

Single mothers often find work in low-skilled occupations. Retail, food service and construction are examples of industries where employers offer little or no employment options to improve flexibility. Single mothers’ access to adequate medical care is limited by a lack of perks, including health insurance. To reduce the social determinants of single mothers’ health, the state must create social inclusion initiatives for single parents across the country. To train single mothers and improve their expertise and knowledge in many professions, a variety of methods can be used. Adult education, vocational and vocational education, adult post-secondary education, and special training programs help single mothers overcome educational challenges (Choi, Jeong, & Kim, 2019).

In addition, single mothers who have been absent from school for an extended period of time can benefit from these academic initiatives, provided that central and local governments ensure that they continue their education and Get a certificate upon completion. Providing qualifications will be much more important as single mothers will be able to use them to demonstrate to potential employers that they are qualified and competent (Fuller, 2021). In addition to professional skills, single mothers should learn basic skills that can be used to cope with really difficult situations after returning to society after finishing school, thus minimizing risk of worsening the ‘psychological state’.

Regarding housing, many single mothers are unable to obtain suitable housing due to financial constraints. On the other hand, legislative rules that aim to make housing as cheap as possible could make it easier for those on a tight budget to change. Some measures make it harder for single mothers to access social housing (Martin-West, 2019). As a result, governments could relax some of these regulations to ensure that everyone has access to affordable housing, regardless of their ethnicity. In addition, most single mothers are stigmatized by society, which leads to anger. Most people can refuse to live near a single parent, which can cause landlords to refuse to provide housing for single mothers. The state can organize initiatives to raise public awareness and let people know that single mothers have been rehabilitated and disciplined.

Improved awareness will lead to a higher level of acceptance in the community. Single mothers’ low satisfaction levels will decrease if they live in unsuitable housing conditions and locations. Due to their bad behavior, most single mothers face significant obstacles in finding work. The government must realize that work is essential to survival and unemployment increases the rate of prostitution. The government must establish new regulations that allow companies to accept single mothers without discrimination to avoid such situations. Prohibit companies from limiting employment opportunities to single mothers (Hertz, Mattes & Shook, 2021). The state should provide social assistance to single mothers who lack the necessary certificates and qualifications in the meantime. Improved social support will improve the lifestyles of single mothers, leading to improved health outcomes and disease prevention.

Working conditions and single motherhood

Many stakeholders, including national and local governments, regional officials, neighborhoods and anti-government organizations, play an important role in keeping single mothers in the community safe. copper. The state ensures that all areas of education are provided with educational facilities for single mothers. The state should also ensure that academic interventions for single mothers include access to vocational training. The state is also responsible for enforcing laws that support the peaceful integration of single mothers into society and industries. For example, governments should be prohibited from encouraging private and public sector businesses and landlords to deny employment and housing options to single mothers.

Single mothers should aim to integrate into society to gradually create conditions for them to integrate into society. However, due to being rejected and hated by the community, integrating into society is still a big difficulty for single mothers. As such, community leaders play a key role in raising awareness and persuading residents to welcome single mothers. Single mothers are more likely to turn to prostitution if they are regularly rejected, ridiculed and judged by their peers (Harsin, 2019). In addition, local authorities play an important role in reducing prostitution among single mothers. Community leaders should maintain contact with single mothers and impose rules and guidelines on how they should interact with other residents of society. Anti-government groups are responsible for further training and social support for single mothers. The type of training provided can be work or life related


Many single mothers face a lot of difficulties in socializing and adjusting to single mother life. These people face many obstacles due to their status as single mothers, including obtaining basic needs such as housing, finding and maintaining job prospects. These difficulties have a great impact on the happiness and health of single mothers. Single mothers face a number of social determinants, including educational limitations, lack of suitable and affordable housing, and difficulties in finding and maintaining employment. . For example, lack or low level of knowledge increases disease, leads to poor health care practices and shortens life expectancy. The unemployed may not be able to find work, leaving them without the financial means to take care of themselves. However, key actors such as central and local governments, anti-government agencies and local leaders have the important task of ensuring the safe entry of single mothers into society. festival. Providing university programs, loosening strict regulations and raising awareness among locals will gently help single mothers reintegrate into society.


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