Examination of Patient Safety Measures: The Importance of Management Involvement

Understanding patient safety culture

To: Brian Miller, Ph.D., Safety and Health Director at Edison Family Health

From: Sinead O’Neill

Subject : Examine Various Measures for Patient Safety and Recognize Importance of Management’s Participation

A journal article titled “Quality Assurance and Patient Safety Practices: A Longitudinal Comparative Analysis” discusses the concept of patient safety culture. According to this definition, patient safety culture is “that which, as a result of individual and group beliefs, attitudes, competencies, and behavioral patterns, shapes their commitments, styles, and competencies with respect to an organization’s health and safety commitments. is.” (Manzanera, Moya, Gilabert et al., p. 1) Our financial stability requires continued investment in patient safety.

This is confirmed by the World Health Organization online article “Patient Safety”. “It is important to understand the impact of patient safety in reducing the costs associated with patient harm and increasing the efficiency of the healthcare system,” said the report. ” (World Health Organization, p. 1) As you might imagine, the World Health Organization has a lot to say on the subject, too. One of the top 10 causes of death worldwide is the incidence of undesirable outcomes. 4 out of 10 people receive primary and outpatient care, according to studies. An estimated 80% of patient injuries could be avoided. Mistakes in diagnosing diseases and writing prescriptions are among the most common mistakes. A culture of safety is essential to the success of the Edison Family Health Center.

Structures, procedures, and outcome assessments should all be investigated to reduce the risk of patient harm and the associated economic costs. In the words of a textbook, “an assessment of the physical and organizational resources available to support the delivery of health care is the capacity or potential of an organization to deliver excellent services” (In Path). 36) (Spath), structures can be measured using automated distribution cabinets or ADCs. According to an Internet article about automated dispensing cabinets, when nurses and doctors dispense medications from automated dispensing cabinets, the medications are securely stored and electronically recorded. Another advantage noted in this article is that the ADC can connect to other databases, such as a facility’s admissions, discharges, and referrals (ADT) system or billing system.

As described in (Grissinger, p. 1), textbooks define process measurement as the evaluation of whether actions taken in the provision of health care services are being performed properly. Spas (p. 37) stated: The accuracy of the ADC data recording process can be verified by comparison with patient records. In the long run you should monitor this and change your distribution method if necessary. In textbooks, the term “outcome measurement” is defined as “data representing the outcome of medical services.” As Path (p. 35) notes, in “Safety Measures for the Use and Design of Automated Pharmacy Cabinets,” he describes one of the possible consequences of employing an ADC. The study said it found “reductions in medication errors (mainly medications given at the wrong time) and fewer missed doses.” According to Grissinger, the first page is.

Investing In Patient Safety

To ensure patient safety, management must be involved in coordinating quality measures from the beginning. Without executive leadership and a thorough recognition of the need for change, there is a risk that the project will not be successfully completed. This is backed up by textbooks detailing the duties of team leaders. Team Her Leaders are responsible for coordinating projects, facilitating team discussions, keeping project goals on track, and setting the meeting calendar. (P 157) The Spas Manager helps the rest of the improvement team understand the goals of the project and guide them in the right way. Establishing a quality assessment vision and plan requires a top-down approach. Superior performance in achieving these quality standards should form the basis for performance-related salaries and other forms of incentives, and leaders should lead by example.

Accountability is a means of measuring patient engagement. Even when using an ADC to track the amount of medication taken, it is important that patients follow their prescription instructions. By tracking patient records when prescriptions need to be reordered, you can automatically email patients reminders about upcoming refills or visits. This method can prevent the medicine from being renewed before the expiration date. A complete medical history of the patient is also important. A 2013 NIH study found that patient rights and treatment are closely related. “We have seen many positive examples of how these forums update and advance understanding of professional principles and ethical imperatives,” the authors write. (Aveling et al. p.1; see also p.2) Better patient outcomes can be achieved when patient and professional responsibilities are harmonized, researchers say.

This section of the final assignment discusses some of the factors that influence consumer perceptions of quality. It describes a number of characteristics that may be relevant to both consumers and providers and how each of these criteria or components are implemented in their service offerings. Finally, the many scales and evaluation methods used to assess quality are evaluated, and which of them are considered the most successful, and why. In an online article, “Quality of Care from the Patient Perspective: A Comparative Study of Older and Newer High-Tech Hospitals,” it states, “Patients who need medical services need personalized, high-quality care that… .” (Gröndahl et al., p. 1) One factor that can influence a person’s perception is the cost/quality ratio, which is particularly relevant in the context of Medicare and Medicaid health insurance. The amount spent on such government-sponsored health insurance programs has steadily increased over the years, resulting in a situation that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. One of the factors contributing to this problem is the increasing life expectancy of the elderly.

This is supported by the textbook Health Economics and Policy. “Despite making up only 12 percent of the population, the elderly consume more than a third of all health care resources,” the report said. Henderson (1999, p. 339) describes the process as follows: How much you spend on Medicare and Medicaid can also affect how well your health care provider can provide care. One possible reason is that physicians who primarily treat Medicare patients may not be as competent as physicians who primarily treat privately-insured patients. A recent web paper titled “The quality of care provided to patients within the same hospital varies by insurance type” shows this to be the case. A Florida study found evidence that both uninsured and Medicaid patients are being treated by poorer doctors than other patients at the same hospital. (Spencer and his colleagues, p. 1)

Various Measures For Patient Engagement

Another factor affecting consumer perspectives is technological advancement. The textbook states, “Recent advances in medicines, medical devices, biotechnology, and clinical procedures have helped define medicine as we understand it today.” Henderson (1985, p. 385) describes the process as follows: Many medical companies are integrating their mobile his applications. According to the American Medical Association, it has been adopted in medical practice in recent years. Patients can use her One Medical mobile app to schedule and cancel appointments, including requesting prescription extensions. One Medical also offers 24/7 video conferencing with your digital health team (accessible on demand) and on-demand video conferencing with your digital health team. Patients can also use the app to communicate with medical professionals and administrative staff.

Other managed care strategies, such as pre-approval and claims management, help health insurers better manage medical costs. It is done by assessing whether a patient would benefit from or see improvement from a particular treatment, test, or medication. Predetermined medical standards or criteria are important here to ensure high quality results and at the same time minimize patient costs. Hospitals and health systems are expected to develop effective utilization review strategies under the Social Security Act and Quality Improvement Mechanisms. Weiner discusses the importance of usage management in healthcare in his one such podcast, The Importance of Usage Management in Healthcare.

He said: “Usage managers have knowledge of payer requirements, policies and most importantly the clinical aspects. It can bridge the gap that normally exists between the aspect and the clinical aspect.” Weiner (2020) argues that to be effective, these departments must work with relevant regulators, commercial and government It defines a formal euphemism for the particular need to have an expert to review policy changes and handle reimbursement laws and regulations. By collaborating with physicians and non-physicians, utilization management can direct resources and policies in a manner that emphasizes both quality and cost efficiency.


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Grissinger, M. (2012, September). Safeguards for using and designing automated dispensing cabinets. Retrieved April 24, 2022, from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3462599/

Patient Safety. (2019, September 13). Retrieved April 24, 2022, from https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/patient-safety

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