Terms of Use

Usage of the Website and resources (including, but not limited to, data, the documents on the Website) are subject to the following terms and conditions (the “T & C” or “Terms”). Get a look at them carefully.

You adhere to the terms and conditions of this website, which means that you can use it only in accordance with the guidelines set out here. By submitting Your Materials you represent and warrant that you have full legal authority to enter into and be legally bound by these Terms of Use.

A license will not be issued to you whether you are a citizen or are incorporated in a country where it is against Applicable Law for you to use or use the services. In the event we enforce our decision to limit access to the Services or the Website, we want to restrict access to particular jurisdictions only. “We can at any time close any of your accounts on the Website or Services if we determine that you have accessed them in violation of these terms.

A website is where it is entirely created on a server at https://www.stoicacademia.com/ where all the web pages are hosted.

The services that the client has sought include essays, papers, dissertations, and related services.

Terms & Conditions also include Money Back Guarantee & Revision

“We”, “Us”, “Ours” means a UK limited company “United Kingdom works out at 1 Warren Street, London. We have a Registered Office at 37 Warren Street, London.

“Users”, “you”, “your”, “clients” means the natural citizen, the actual entrepreneur, or the registered company who has agreed to these terms, and anyone bidding, making a purchase, or giving some details, executing an order, or posting any documents on the Website as a client or depositing funds.

The Writer refers to any of the following for the client: (employed or contracted according to agreement), if it applies.

Account describes the personal part of the website, which is locked off to the general public after login. Your account information, including your name and password, has been completed.

Clients will get it done by contacting a writing professional by giving them ‘orders’ which are electronic requests. The nature of work and other conditions to be performed are stipulated by the client in the order. When she made her order on our Website, she specified a word-for-word order. The aim of an order is to deal with the job as well as its customer requirements.

The product is the end result of an order in which the client has written and sent original material sent to you, and it meets your client’s order requirements.

“Client information” may be submitted in any kind of text representation and will be used on the project. We, the Contracting Party, hereby have the right to specify the file size and format specifications for the Contracting Party’s knowledge.

Using a standard term in a different context

One must fill out the order form on the web to position the order. Other than the provision of products, no product is ever given away.

When the form is completed, order parameters and distribution conditions will be defined. Until you have completed this form, it is entirely your duty to include an accurate, detailed, and complete Order description.

In addition, you must have your name, email address, and phone number to sign up for your product. And if one of these values changes, then please let us know so we can make sure your account is right.

You promise that you will purchase the product from the us at the time of placing your order. You must submit payment and authorization first before we begin processing your order.

We charge for the product according to the price you can see on the Pricing tab, as well as what the task would entail after we’ve determined the complexity of the job, so the fee is upfront. Delivery of the product is not guaranteed until we have received the full invoice.

Various Payment options are currently accepted. 

We maintain the right to provide discounts and incentives as we see fit.

Fair access to discount and incentive scheme information is given to all customers, regardless of status or circumstances.

If the client wants to end their relationship with us, a refund would be issued under the policy’s terms. Please be aware that we can not be kept liable for transfer errors and problems that can arise with your bank service.

As a consequence, you are solely responsible for paying any sales, use, property, or other taxes that may be imposed as a result of the use of the services you have provided.

In accordance with your citizenship or your venue, you might be liable for other taxes or fees. If any taxes are applied, you will be charged additionally.

You accept that you are bound by tax laws in your country/state, province, or state, county, city, or municipality, whichever is applicable.

Following your payment, we reserve the right to re-review the order specifics to verify that the conditions of the assignment were satisfied. In the event that the client’s expectations are not met, we reserve the right to change the order.

Order of magnitude Every order comes with a page quota, and a page quota is essential. A page is equivalent to a 275 words in length. If the product has been delivered, the paper must contain the appropriate number of pages as specified on the order page. When the page and/words totals are not equal, the client can request revision of the document.

Order changes Only if the contract has not yet been accepted, can the client make amendments to the scope of operation. The Writer can not take the order back until he/she starts on it. In the event that the order grows in complexity, extra compensation will be requested.

annex-resistant If the client wishes for those materials to be included in the project, then he/she must tell the Writer about certain requirements and supply them.

If the client has more questions, they can use the website’s email system or talk to the help staff via the phone or live chat.

Order progress. Details regarding the client’s orders can be tracked using his/her account where the status of the order and progress may be monitored. Initiate correspondence with the client by leveraging all channels that are available round-the-the-clock, whether in person, by phone, or by e-mail or text to keep current.

We must provide the product to the client before the deadline. Please accept our apologies if this is not the right email address. We would not be held liable for a client’s inaccurate email address provided due to spam filtering, email servers, or general client neglect to use all such interaction means that are outside our control. If the customer needs help with the fulfillment of their order, they are strongly urged to contact the support staff.

When the product has been given to the client, the client is held liabley.

According to the correction instructions, we do not accept the revision. Often, to edit an order, the client will be asked to pay an extra fee or to place a new order, or both.

Any customer would be evaluated on an individual basis, case-by-case basis, because if you use excessive or excessive abuse of your rights, we reserve the right to reject or limit several revisions.

We make our customers happy by fulfilling their order on schedule and to specifications. If all of the clients’ obligations are broken, the clients are entitled to compensation up to a partial or entire percentage of their total loss.

You can not replicate, alter, sell, or use the product in any manner for private purposes.

You are submitting an order and agreement for a product; You consent and plan to request an order and charge for a product.)

We’ll void any deal, lease, or undertaking to be attributed to someone who encourages others to do the same. You further accept that we can not sell or redistribute the product. Additionally, you understand that if we suspect that a product has been distributed or used by you has been violated in any way, we will refuse to offer any additional services or functions, and give refunds before the matter is resolved.

You are not permitted to register the name as a trademark on any products. Anything we provide to you is for reference/research and use purposes only. For plagiarism or all other acts of intellectual dishonesty, we want to emphasize, we want to strongly state that we take no responsibility and that the perpetrators will be held to full legal consequences. We follow all copyright rules and do not encourage our clients to plagiarize. Any resulting project and/s of the assignment are to be used only for the purposes of research and development and not for commercial purposes. These materials have been specially prepared for academic study and should not be considered as an alternative to your own writing. It is just an example to follow. You should draft your own analysis or use it as a model. If we can include the results of this company’s research in a client’s work, it must be quoted or paraphrased in full. Ask the university for appropriate use of source content found outside of course assignments.

There will be no liability on the part of the organization or any of its suppliers or associates should the products or materials be used in an immoral, unlawful, improper, or wrongful manner. This covers plagiarism, litigation, low grades, dismissal, or other legal proceedings. Purchasers of products from the website would be entirely liable for any and all claims of misconduct.

Universal referral program

Your use of the referral terms is your acknowledgement and consent to be bound by them. We reserve the right, at any time, to amend, cancel, or discontinue the Referral Program, in whole or in part, and to limit or terminate the program’s use in any way.You hereby agree that we, at our absolute discretion, will void your membership in Our Referral Program, in the event that you breach these terms or any relevant statute, or you are cheating in any way. And if the adjustments we make now will alter the actual discount balance, we will make them, nevertheless.

“Referral Program” refers to the whole of laws covering the third-party referral process, as well as its processes and content aspects.

The term “bonus” specifically refers to a discount unique to a voucher –an electronic document. The discount value is $10, has a 30-day expiration, and can be used only once in one order, whose price reaches $25.

“Referring Clients” is a third party with a Bonus.

In T & C parlance, this means a potential client, which the third party used the Website to refer to, is already a T client and liable for bonuses.

Anyone may be eligible for a referral program

To participate in RP, the referred account must be T & C-compliant, and an Order must be placed prior to and fully ordered.

Any third party, who is able to accept a referral, may become a client, and the service does not contain any other conditions than those mentioned here.

Any client who is still willing to use the service has the same opportunities.

Invitation needs to be achieved using the tab “Invite a guest” – as described in the section “Invite a friend,” by using the client’s interface, and this can be done by clicking on “Invite a friend. The invited person will be able to download the file, which links to the website, and then pass it along to another person, e.g. by email or social media (e-mail, messengers, etc.)

The invited person can follow the connection and register as a client under the conditions specified in the terms and conditions, thereby becoming a referred customer.

The existing customer has his/her balance restored to his/her account as soon as possible after registration is completed. This bonus will be added to the first (or subsequent one) customer. Pricing such an order at such a discount takes precedence and eliminates the need for confirmation.

Whenever the referred client (s) has finished his/her order, the Referring Client gets a bonus to his/her account. The same as with the client.

Each client order can receive only one Discount or Certification, regardless of whether it refers or has been referred to another. Though referrals are unlimited, bonuses are not cumulative. The amount of clients referred to, however, is finite.

Bonuses can not be offered in any way than for a discount.

Other discounts are irrelevant to us.


Invitations should not be used for the benefit of others or for trade with any other than your own personal purposes. couponsumers’ mailboxes with the creative matter of such commercial advertising e-mails or providing free commercial product/service as “spam” in exchange for unwanted products or services (meaning unsolicited commercial advertisement in scope of Law of the United States CAN-SPAM Act of 2003).

Referral sends are permitted, as long as the number of referrals does not constitute spam or a violation of these laws.

We grant you a non-exclusive right to participate in the Referral Program and you can choose a better one.

We reserve the right to ban and terminate your use of the Website according to section 13 of the Referral and Acceptable Use Policy if you behave in either in an offensive manner or in breach of the Acceptable Use Policy.

We’d remind the referred client when he or she placed an order.Both the Referring and the program client should be informed and able to contact us in the event of a problem.

Privacy and data: usage

See our Privacy Policy for information about how we gather, use, preserve, and distribute your information, including personal data.

Key account and security records

You must have your name and e-as well as your e-mail address (which may be your login name or both of the same name) in order to register with the Website.

Account records must be encrypted and not be shared or disclosed with others.

You will be solely accountable for everything you do in relation to yours. You can go to the main Edit Profile page and update the password. You can contact us by editing your profile or by using one of the methods listed here.

In order to comply with changes in technology, we no longer grant you the freedom to set a password. If you have included an email address in your account, we will notify you via email to that address.

To reset your password, press the “I have forgotten my password” link if you have completed our security verification.

Service to the Internet is granted exclusively for your own non-commercial purposes.

The material found on this platform must not be used for any illicit purposes. In particular, you may not use the Website for the following:You may not use the Website to engage in unlawful, harassing, defamatory, harmful, obscene, or otherwise objectionable activity;

If you violate any of these conditions, you will be liable for any and all injuries and damages that could occur.

You can stop using the Site at any time if you break these Terms of Service.

We may disable your access to the use of the Website whilst we investigate if we have reason to believe your use is causing, or has the potential to cause, to adversely affect the lawful operation of the Website or other users.

We will take this action as a breach of the terms if you use the Website to contact Writer in some way that doesn’t use its functions as permitted.

intellectual property rights (AKA patent, copyright, or trademark)

GOLDENRULE 880S or IPRs in the Products

Products designed and written for YOU.

We hold full ownership of all we send to you, and our partners.

for non-commercial purposes only. Subject to charge for products, we award you a non-limited license to use.

You accept that you will not duplicate, print, retransmit, or disseminate the products and/resources found on the Website without our prior permission.

You are solely responsible for all and liable for all damages that we might incur from unlawful use of the products or materials available on this website arising from your use of these Terms of Use.

We require that any documents you send to us do not violate intellectual property or other rights or any applicable statute. In the event of a conflict, you will be liable for all damages.

[in-ternet-al-pre-pow-er relationships on the website]

Both copyrights, trademarks, patents, and exclusive rights relating to the Website are registered or licensed to us.

IPRs are not allowed on the website (or on any section thereof) and it shall not be considered as, transferring to any individual who accesses the website (or it shall not be regarded as, transferring to any person, in any capacity who accesses it, providing)

You can not use any part of the Website for public or commercial purposes.

You will not be sent full-in papers or e-books. It’s not an extract, it’s just used for research purposes. Furthermore, fees are often imposed for finding and delivering resources, even whether it is possible to purchase or see them outright.

Limitation of responsibility and acknowledgement

We make no claims about the Website’s capability and can not promise that it will meet your needs. Without proper computer hardware, you will not be able to use the Website or any of the services may not work.

The website is independent of us. To the fullest extent permitted by statute, your use of the World Wide Web is your own responsibility. This website is not made for people in the U.S. or U.K. and can not be used by U.S. citizens.

The website can provide hyperlinks to third-party websites and services, which we strongly advise you to visit only if you wish to proceed to using them. Check these other links and services and their terms of use before using them. The Company is not liable for the actions of its subsidiaries and affiliates and you can not hold the Company liable for the actions of any third-parties. We’ll not be liable for any third-party sites or for any losses incurred as a result of the availability of those resources and/loss of safety. We always recommend that you review the privacy policies of other websites before providing personal information.

At no time shall we be responsible for any loss or harm resulting from the following such action by you or the efforts of you or any third parties in connection with the use of the Website.

We can not be held responsible for failure, delay, disruption, loss, or corruption that may occur as a result of causes due to factors outside our control (s).

But for the circumstances outside of our jurisdiction, we shall have no liability for you or any other party, or for any possible losses or damages.

Nothing in these terms limits or excludes liability for death or personal injuries resulting from negligence, or theft or any other legal responsibility, and anything found in these terms is supposed to accrue to the benefit of the customer as set out by statute.

used in many ways.

You can not assign these terms. If we have reason to conclude that your use of your content will not infringe the rights of, or will not infringe the rights of any third party, we can pass these terms to a different company.

In any subsequent case where you violate these terms, we will always be able to focus on our rights and remedies.

But to the extent permitted by law, all notes are to be in writing and sent to our contact information specified in the Terms of Use.

will be posted on the site; will be forwarded to you; and/or sent to your email address.

Municipal and federal law

Any disputes relating to these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.

Disputes relating to these terms shall be settled by arbitration and consent. If the parties are unable to agree, conflicts shall be settled according to the LCIA Rules, which are attached to this provision as a guide.

Often, both you and we intend to act on a private basis, not on behalf of others. There will be no right or jurisprudence to appeal, including together, as a plaintiff, as a member, or individually, no more than one to make a claim will be accepted.


All content, requirements, functionality, and functions of the Website and the Services are subject to change without notice. Regardless of the cause (i)Cue has the right to:may we interrupt or cease providing or place limitations on the Services and/additional Services, including our own discretion; on a function or subset of the service(s), or to do so indefinitely, with out warning and responsibility to you or fault to any third party, (ii)permanad However we want to:you and any third party will not be able to access any feature of the website, feature, section, or data To the extent that it is possible, we will take strategically fair efforts to provide you with prior notice of changes to or liabilities in the Services that, and such changes or liabilities, if we have deemed them to materially and adversely affect the Service, will be indicated in advance.

These terms can be modified or updated from time to time to time. Whether we amend or change these terms, we will contact you by either one of the following methods that we have decided upon at our sole discretion: sending an email to your most recently given email address, updating the terms on the Website, or using other methods we deem suitable. You continue to be bound by the latest updates or revisions you have made to these terms after their installation or implementation. If you agree to the revised terms, you will be held to them. Your review of the terms is needed to ensure you are up to date.

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