The importance of emotional satisfaction at work: A review of the literature


Literary Review

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In any type of business organization, focusing on the emotional satisfaction of human resources is the most important aspect of success.

For this reason, they must feel satisfied with their work and be motivated to stay with the company.

Working for employee emotional satisfaction is to be expected, but overindulgence can have a negative impact. Emotional satisfaction makes employees feel secure with the organization’s policies, which makes them believe that they should contribute their skills and talents to the growth of the company they work for.

Examples of employees’ emotional satisfaction relate to feelings of security when they see no discriminatory behavior based on measures of class, gender, age, and disability.

Mental support for employees is mainly provided by upper management because they are the ones who decide the strategy and development policy of the organization.

The specific controversy concerns time consuming and low productivity of employees, because the company cannot pay more attention to each employee’s feelings.

Proponents of the controversy rightly point out that employees’ emotional satisfaction with their tasks manages to develop teamwork and cohesion as well as a sense of dependence. decision-making or high-level policy. The flip side of the controversy is that focusing more on employees’ personal feelings can take time to be properly analyzed on the basis of which management will make decisions.

Pleasing employees through emotional support can lead to the right personality analysis that helps management deal with many behavioral problems and uses team members more effectively in the production process.

The literature review discusses the importance of emotional satisfaction in the job performance and motivation of a company’s human resources. In this art, two different perspectives will be analyzed in which one group is critical in favor of the idea of ​​focusing and responding to employees’ emotional needs and the other is ignoring the importance of emotions instead of work, calling it the number one reason for wasting time. and affect productivity.

The importance of emotional satisfaction

Emotional intelligence is one of the key factors for understanding a company’s human resource needs and requirements. Different team members have different social and cultural backgrounds, so their thought processes and ideology are also different. According to Shooshtarian, Ameli and AMINI (2013), emotional intelligence links psychology with management. It helps determine their level of job satisfaction, commitment to the company, and their job performance. The concept that these authors emphasize is related to the fact that emotional satisfaction is correlated with employee job satisfaction. This is because the significant relationship between emotional understanding between employees and their management actually creates a sense of security about their work and employees are confident that they can achieve anything. any goal or overcome any challenge with the support of a manager. effective. Emotional satisfaction can also influence problem solving, so the authors recommend focusing on employee satisfaction through an emotionally safe channel.

Emotional satisfaction is also related to group development and group cohesion. Today’s employees work in a task-oriented team, where they tend to work collaboratively. If employees don’t feel connected to their colleagues, they will never achieve the average goal for the team. For Anwar et al. (2017), work pressure is another reason why companies need to focus more on the emotional satisfaction of their human workforce. As a result, some critics find that employees, if they are emotionally healthy, can handle more pressure at work.

Emotional exhaustion of employees leads to loss of motivation and high attrition rates. Experienced employees if they do not feel emotionally satisfied with their work, they cannot survive in the organizational culture. According to Skaalvik and Skaalvik (2017), emotional intelligence is strongly linked to motivation and job performance in a toxic organizational culture where employees are not respected for their skills and experience. Surname. This is why many experienced employees, when they don’t feel respected or aren’t using their skills properly, try to find other companies or turn to the organization’s own competitors. their.

In contrast, Lee and Chelladurai (2018), putting more emphasis on the personal feelings of a large group of employees can waste the company’s own time. This is why it is not possible to test and analyze the emotional intelligence of every employee. According to Yoke and Panatik (2016), Theory X and Y is divided into two parts where some groups intend to work and develop their professional skills while the rest do not intend to learn any any new skills and contribute more to the growth of the company hence these people cannot be motivated in any way so emotional intelligence seems like an excuse to waste time on organization.

Therefore, it can be concluded that emotions are an important part for our on-site members to develop relationships with each other as well as with their superiors. This determines whether employees are motivated or engaged with the organization. High social satisfaction among employees can motivate an organization to achieve all its goals by overcoming all obstacles, but a lack of emotional satisfaction can lead to high attrition rates and high energy consumption. lower business productivity. According to some critics, it is difficult to determine emotional satisfaction by analyzing the needs of each employee in an organization. Therefore, categorizing them based on their skills is more effective and has a factual basis to establish. However, it has been proven time and time again in many companies that employees should be happy in their professional lives because they spend most of their time there and therefore expect the authority to receive them. out their emotional needs.


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