Chapter 10 multiple choice | Human Resource Management homework help

Terminating an employee for the use of illegal drugs is an example of a(n) _____ turnover.
When employees initiate a turnover, when the organization would prefer to keep them, it is called _____ turnover.
Historically, if the organization and employee do not have a specific employment contract, the employer or employee may end the employment relationship at any time. This is referred to as the _____ doctrine.
An employee refuses an employer’s request to falsify the contents of a report to the EEOC. The employer subsequently discharges the worker for “not following orders.” Identify the exception to the at-will-employment doctrine that the employee is like to choose when he/she files a wrongful discharge suit.
People’s perception of _____ depends on their judgment that the consequences of a decision to employees are just.
Which of the following statements is true about employee dismissal on the grounds of employment-at-will agreements?
Although the rate of inflation is only 2 percent, Jessie receives a 6 percent increase in salary. She is nonetheless dissatisfied with her salary increase due to Norvin’s, whose job designation is similar to Jessie’s, 9 percent increase. Jessie is likely to contend that there is a lack of:
Thomas Fenton reprimanded five of his employees for coming to work drunk after a lunch outing. The next week, Thomas fired another employee for being drunk at work. The employees under Thomas can conclude a lack of _____ in dealing with employees being drunk at work.
In the principles of justice followed in systems of disciplining, explanation, consideration, and empathy are features of _____.
People’s perception of _____ is their judgment that fair methods were used to determine the consequences an employee receives.
A perception of _____ is a judgment that the organization carried out its actions in a way that took the employee’s feelings into account.
Which of the following does an employer violate while terminating an employee for refusing to do something illegal, unethical, or unsafe?
When conducting a workplace search, without probable cause, employers can act fairly and minimize the likelihood of a lawsuit by:
If employers covered by the _____ do not inform the employees (and their union, if applicable) of layoffs, they may have to provide back pay and fringe benefits and pay penalties as well.
The Worker Adjustment Retraining and Notification Act requires that:
According to this principle of discipline, discipline should give clear warning and following up with consistent, objective, immediate consequences. Identify the principle.
The hot-stove rule differs from a progressive discipline process in that with the hot-stove rule:
The principles of justice suggest that organizations prepare for problems by establishing a formal discipline process in which the consequences become more serious if the employee repeats the offense. Identify this process.
This process seeks to prevent misbehavior and to correct, rather than merely punish misbehavior. Identify the process.
Which of the following is a typical first response in the progressive discipline system?
A progressive discipline system:
Conducting personal business online during work hours is called:
Which of the following has the primary responsibility of creating a formal discipline process for the workplace?
The _____ type of alternate dispute resolution works only to the degree that employees trust management and managers who hear complaints listen and are able to act.
Peer review is an example of _____.
If peer review does not lead to a settlement, a neutral party from outside the organization hears the case and tries to help the people in conflict arrive at a settlement. This process is called:
Based on the expectation that two people in conflict should first try to arrive at a settlement together, organizations have a policy of making managers available to hear complaints. Typically, the first “open door” is that of the employee’s:
Adam, a neutral party outside of La Meares Inc., helped clarify issues between two technical teams of the company. Though Adam’s solution had no binding power, both the teams decided to accept his solution. This is an example of _____.
____ is a process for resolving disputes by taking them to a panel composed of representatives from the organization at the same levels as the people in the dispute.
Open-door policy, and mediation are generally steps within:
Which of the following is an example of alternative dispute resolution method?
The decision reached in a(n) _____ is binding upon both parties.
____ is a referral service that employees can use to seek professional treatment for emotional problems or substance abuse.
Which of the following is true of employee assistance programs?
Outplacement counseling programs are:
Marcus has just been discharged form his work after the company he was working for started downsizing. Confused about his state of joblessness, Marcus threatens to sue the company for reparations. Which of the following programs can help the company from facing such situations from exiting employees?
Job withdrawal is:
_____ results when circumstances such as the nature of the job, supervisors and co-workers, pay levels, or the employee’s own disposition cause the employee to become dissatisfied with the job.
Negative affectivity is related to dissatisfaction caused by:
_____ means pervasive low levels of satisfaction with all aspects of life, compared with other people’s feelings.
The positive or negative bottom-line opinions that individuals have of themselves are known as:
Employees with negative affectivity tend to:
When in situations they dislike, employees with positive core self-evaluation tend to:
As a predictor of job dissatisfaction, nothing surpasses:
_____ is uncertainty about what the organization and others expect from the employee in terms of what to do or how to do it.
_____ is an employee’s recognition that demands of the job are incompatible or contradictory.
Foreign assignments can be highly disruptive to family members, and the resulting role _____ is the top reason that people quit overseas assignments.
Maria was recently told by the top management that they expected her to exercise more authority and leadership with her work group. Just two days prior to that, her team told her that while they appreciated the initiative she demonstrated, they expected her to be less authoritative and more democratic in the future. The term that best describes what Maria is experiencing is:
After an organization downsizes, it may expect so much of the remaining employees. This high expectation and demand results in a state of _____ for the employees.
Selma is a single mother who works full-time and attends to the needs of her two young children. Selma has opted to work from home for a short period after one her children had a road accident. Even though she works from home she often feels a lot of pressure in balancing her work and looking after her children. The term that best characterizes what Selma is experiencing is:
The amount of income associated with each job is called the:
When employees cannot work with management to make changes, they may engage in ____, taking their charges to the media in the hope that if the public learns about the situation, the organization will be forced to change.
In terms of job dissatisfaction, an employee who calls in sick or arrives to work late is engaging in:
Helen is very dissatisfied with her job situation, but she does not perceive any other employment opportunities, so she stays and spends most of the workday dreaming about nonwork matters. Which of the following behaviors is she experiencing?
Low job involvement and low organizational commitment are:
To prevent job withdrawal, organizations therefore need to promote job satisfaction, a pleasant feeling resulting from the perception that one’s job fulfills or allows for the fulfillment of one’s important job values. This definition has three components:
The two sets of people in the organization who most affect an individual’s job satisfaction are:
Which of the following aspects of satisfaction is emphasized in the job description index?
The _____ emphasizes specific aspects of satisfaction—pay, the work itself, supervision, co-workers, and promotions.
A(n) _____ refers to the meeting of a departing employee with the employee’s supervisor and/or a human resource specialist to discuss the employee’s reasons for leaving.
_____ can uncover reasons why employees leave and perhaps set the stage for some of them to return.

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