A+ answers of the following questions

1. Knowing that Dr. Mallet, a clinical psychologist, is interested in the latent and manifest content of his client’s dreams, it’s safest to suspect that Dr. Mallet embraces _______ theory.
A. unconscious wish-fulfillment

B. repressive-activation
C. dreams-for-survival
D. activation-synthesis

2. Methadone can be used to treat heroin addiction. However, the main drawback in this sort of treatment is that methadone
A. is very expensive to produce, since it’s derived from rare tropical plants.

B. provides the same sort of “high” the addict experiences with heroin.
C. is psychologically addictive.
D. is biologically addictive.

3. I’m having some trouble recalling what I’ve previously learned about the Battle of Gettysburg because I’ve just read a new book offering new information on that Civil War battle. This sort of phenomenon is referred to as _______ interference.
A. proactive

B. passive
C. distractive

D. retroactive

1. I want to condition a pet pig to come running for a food reward when I blow a whistle. In the process of this conditioning effort, the main idea is to
A. pair a conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus.

B. teach the pig to pay attention to the sound of a whistle.
C. pair a neutral stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus.
D. teach the pig to expect food when it’s hungry.

2. After taking the drug, Rupert reported vivid hallucinations, altered perception of sounds and colors, and distorted time perception. It’s most likely that the drug Rupert took was
A. cocaine.

B. marijuana.



3. I help Cameron learn to play a guitar by guiding him through a sequence of reinforced behaviors, such as holding the guitar, tuning the guitar, and properly fingering simple chords. In the operant conditioning perspective, this is called
A. shaping.
B. gradual reinforcement.

C. graded reinforcement.

D. latent learning.

1. You deprive your six-year-old of dessert each time he fails to eat his spinach. In this sort of _______, you weaken a response through taking away something pleasant or desired.
A. positive reinforcement

B. negative reinforcement

C. negative punishment

D. positive punishment

2. Professor Dore maintains that language develops through the interplay of genetically determined factors and environmental influences that shape how language is learned. Professor Dore supports the
A. linguistic-relativity hypothesis.
B. learning theory approach to language development.

C. nativist approach to language development.
D. interaction approach to language development.

3. A common repetitive technique for moving new information from short-term memory to long-termmemory is called

A. elaboration.
B. reduction.
C. rehearsal.
D. selective reduction.

1. An important reason why people forget something is that they didn’t pay much attention to it in the first place. Psychologists refer to this kind of forgetting as
A. interference related.

B. decay.
C. cue-dependent.
D. encoding failure.

2. Which of the following statements regarding REM sleep is true?

A. REM sleep occurs during stage 3 sleep.
B. REM sleep occurs only during state 4 sleep.
C. Roughly 20 percent of adult sleep time is accompanied by REM.
D. Dreaming causes major muscle contractions and tossing and turning.

3. Natasha has been living Philadelphia for several months and is rapidly mastering the English language. However, she often turns to her American friend, Emily, when she is uncertain about a concept. One day, Natasha turns to Emily and asks, “What are you meaning when you say this word ‘vehicle’?” If you were Emily, which of these prototypes would be most likely to point to feel fairly certain that Natasha “gets it”?
A. A jet liner passing overhead.

B. An escalator
C. An elevator
D. An automobile

1. There’s evidence that sudden infant death syndrome is related to

A. narcolepsy.
B. insomnia.
C. sleep apnea.
D. night terrors.

2. Which of the following statements regarding latent learning is most accurate?

A. Latent learning occurs without reinforcement.
B. Latent learning suggests that environmental knowledge is genetically predetermined.
C. Latent learning doesn’t require cognitive processes.
D. Latent learning occurs in spite of negative reinforcement.

3. Methadone can be used to treat heroin addiction. However, the main drawback in this sort of treatment is that methadone
A. is very expensive to produce, since it’s derived from rare tropical plants.

B. provides the same sort of “high” the addict experiences with heroin.
C. is psychologically addictive.
D. is biologically addictive.

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