Educ 200 quiz 4 | Education homework help

Question 1 

  1. Overseeing the administration of teacher licensure      requirements, organizing programs of study, supervising elementary and      secondary education program assessment, and applying school finance laws      are all tasks of

the chief state school officer.

the state department of education.

the federal Department of   Education.

the school principal.

2 points

Question 2 

  1. Many believe that the movement for statewide standards      testing has resulted in all of the following except

state educational policymakers   directing financial assistance for underperforming school districts.

federal policymakers taking over   control of underperforming schools.

curriculum becoming more   narrowly-defined and tightly focused.

lower socioeconomic communities   failing tests at higher rates than higher socioeconomic communities.

2 points

Question 3 

  1. Parents who home school their children strongly believe      that they can provide a better education for their child than the public      school. Parents cite reasons for home schooling that include

Concerns about the moral climate   in public schools

Religious objections to the   content taught in schools

The absence of particular courses   of study

All of the above

2 points

Question 4 

  1. In a constructivist approach to learning, learners

actively make their own meaning   from new knowledge.

learn new facts and knowledge   without questioning them.

question all new information.

believe that there are no   universal truths since all truths are relative.

2 points

Question 5 

  1. Joshua is a high school history teacher who believes      that his role as teacher extends to teaching his ninth-grade students      certain core values, such as honesty, justice, kindness, and respect. Which      of the following would most likely be found in Joshua’s classroom?

A multiple-choice test on   important events in World War II

A geography unit identifying the   locations of all the major battles of World War II

A fine arts unit in which students   develop appreciation for the music and dance of the United States in the   1940s

A discussion of the   responsibilities of the United States toward Europe in the early 1940s

2 points

Question 6 

  1. Ryan and Cooper contend that the “Tools for Learning,”      a set of academic learning skills, ought to be a major component of school      reform because these skills

can train students’ thinking so as   to make them more efficient learners.

provide job training to make high   school students more marketable.

keep students from mixing up   facts.

help students do better on   standardized tests.

2 points

Question 7 

  1. The typical holder of this position is white, male, and      college-educated, and has a managerial or professional job unrelated to the      position. The position is

state superintendent.

school principal.

local school board member.

state department curriculum   specialist.

2 points

Question 8 

  1. Which of the following most aptly characterizes the      historical stance that business has had toward public education?

Business was and still is   interested in educational efficiency, standardization, and productivity.

Business was interested in   standardization and regulation; now, it is almost exclusively concerned with commercialization   of education.

Business was more concerned with   efficiency and quantitative evaluation; now, it is much more concerned with   authentic evaluation and student satisfaction.

Business used to be exclusively   concerned with productivity; now, business is exclusively concerned with   educational expenditures, seeking to lower costs.

2 points

Question 9 

  1. Ms.Pfluger is interviewing for a teaching position in      the Florham Park school system. According to school management and      organization, which of the following is the formal hiring authority?

Building principal

Assistant superintendent of   instruction

Local school board

School superintendent

2 points

Question 10 

  1. Susan Breiner has just completed interviewing two prospective      faculty members, has sent in a large teaching supply order, has proofread      the new school discipline policy written by a team of teachers, and has      reviewed the school budget for the next academic year. Based upon those      activities, what is Susan?

Department chairperson

Superintendent of schools

Assistant superintendent of   personnel

School principal

2 points

Question 11 

  1. Mrs. Jones is finding her morals challenged by the      newly implemented curriculum. She wants to recommend the curriculum be      reviewed. Who should she approach?

State legislature

Superintendent of Schools

State Superintendent

School board

2 points

Question 12 

  1. Title I was designed to provide federal funds to      divisions for

education of special needs   students and hiring of instructional aides.

reading instruction for ESL   students and supplementary services for families of these students.

reading instruction only for   low-achieving students.

education of students from   low-income families and supplement services to low-achieving students.

2 points

Question 13 

  1. Any successful reform of education will require

the approval of Congress.

funding from the federal   government.

the active participation of the   teachers involved.

the creation of a new body to   oversee the changes.

2 points

Question 14 

  1. During recent presidential elections, hundreds of      thousands of educators have been mobilized to support a particular party      platform and the candidate endorsed by that party. Which organization has      been instrumental in influencing the educators to support a particular      candidate?

National Association of School   Boards

National Education Association

Association of Teacher Educators

National Parent Teacher   Association

2 points

Question 15 

  1. Which of the following is not listed as a key element      of true school reform as defined by Ryan and Cooper?

Active learning

Lifelong learning

A sense of community

School choice

2 points

Question 16 

  1. Authentic assessment grew out of a concern that

student performance was declining   on standardized tests.

the emphasis on standardized test   scores caused a narrow application of lower-order thinking skills.

multiple-choice tests were too   difficult for the majority of students.

students were focusing on   critical-thinking skills and not performing well on competency tests.

2 points

Question 17 

  1. Joining the discussion for educational reform with      former President Obama was Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc. His suggestion for      reform included which idea?

The need for more tech schools,   community colleges, and trade schools to teach basic engineering to American   students for skills in manufacturing.

Digitalize all student textbooks,   materials, and assessments, to be interactive and individual to each student.

Treat teachers as professionals

All of the above

2 points

Question 18 

  1. The state of Illinois wants to establish a policy      regarding its public education in the twenty-first century. Illinois wants      to create a broad-based policy outlining its priorities and establishing      its goals for the state’s students. Which agency would issue this policy?

The state department of education

The federal Department of Education

The local school boards

The state board of education

2 points

Question 19 

  1. Ms. Mildred teaches a fifth-grade class in which she      applies a constructivist approach to learning. What would Ms. Mildred’s      classroom probably look like?

Students sit quietly in their   seats and work independently on worksheets.

Mildred does a lot of whole-class   instruction, presenting lecture-type lessons.

Students make frequent use of   library resources to prepare written reports on various assigned topics in   social studies and science.

Students work on projects in small   groups or independently. There are a lot of hands-on activities.

2 points

Question 20 

  1. What effect did the Tenth Amendment to the U.S.      Constitution have upon public education?

The state department of education   was established.

Legal responsibility for school   governance was delegated to the states.

Responsibility for the majority of   funding for public education was assumed by the federal government.

Equal educational opportunity was   guaranteed for all.

2 points

Question 21 

  1. A benefit of home education cited by parents that make      this choice is

Students develop the habit of   learning so they are not dependent on instructors

The slower student does not miss   out on foundational skills because the other students are ready to move on

The advanced student is not held   back and made to repeat exercises she has already learned

All of the above

2 points

Question 22 

  1. Smaller schools are often a recommended component of      school reform because they

are less expensive to operate.

require a smaller administrative   staff and less cost.

allow for a greater sense of   community within the school.

make it easier to keep track of   books and supplies.

2 points

Question 23 

  1. Although much debate revolves around whether schools      should teach values—and if so, which values—character educators maintain      that students

have a moral “Teflon coating” and   absorb little teaching of values.

are constantly and unavoidably   learning values from their teachers, so it would be beneficial to formalize   this instruction in the curriculum.

practice good moral behavior   already and have little need for character education.

have such a narrow focus on   academics that they block out any other instruction.

2 points

Question 24 

  1. What is the foundational reason for which school choice      is advocated considering the phrase “parents as educational consumers?”

Free market principles suggest   that “more choice equals more competition equals better products (better   educated students) at lower prices”.

Charter schools are the best   option available in the school choice discussion.

Over and under performing schools   should be provided with the same resources to teach students.

All students should be free to   attend their school of choice.

2 points

Question 25 

  1. Which governing body deals mainly with personnel      performance?

Chief State School Officer

Local school board

State board of Education

State Department of Education

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